Just uploaded on YouTube the promo video for my new album "The Light of Life".


03/24/2015 10:02pm

I want to meet with you because there are some things I want to get and hold a good way to create a blog like this.

10/18/2017 3:20am

What an amazingly done new album! You are so passionate and very determined to do what you really love doing in your life. That's what I really admire in you. Plus the fact that you really do have such talent for coming up a very creative video to promote your own masterpiece. I believe that this is just the start of your own success and I hope you'll always stay humble and kind every time. Congratulations on your new album!

04/01/2017 8:56am

Hmm, this promo video is pretty cool. It was a good idea for you to post it here.

09/05/2017 12:39am

Was it released? I mean the full video?


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